Our bike workshop mechanics are best in class. Our mobile workshop has all the necessary tools and parts to get your bike fixed and back on the road. We stock a huge range of parts and accessories on board, but we also have access to specialist parts which we can order in to get you moving as quick as possible. Our workshop team is happy to answer customer enquiries and give good honest advice to help you decide what level of service your bike needs. We do have a minimum call out of $40.00 which is deducted from the overall cost of the repair or service.

Which bicycle service is best for you? Read on to learn more about what we do in each service, or make a general booking and we can assess your bike when we see it.

Service Packages

Simply choose a Service Package that meets your needs or make a General Workshop request and we will tailor a service to suit you.

Bronze Service

Your gears are tuned, brakes adjusted, nuts and bolts tightened, lubrication of all working parts, tyre pressure checked, plus all things checked to ensue your bike is roadworthy for your next ride.
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Recommended every 3-6 months.
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  • Re-lube chain & all working parts
  • Front and rear brake adjustment
  • Front and rear Gear adjustment
  • Assess tyre pressure & condition
  • Torque all accessory mounting bolt
  • Inspect frame and wipe over
  • Price does not include parts

Silver Service

Includes all items of the Bronze Service items, plus bottom bracket bearings and thorough check of all parts and wheels. Our Eco Washer gets put to good use in this service!
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Recommended every 6-12 months.
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Includes all items of Bronze Service


  • Removal and Degrease of relevant parts in our ECO Parts washer
  • Full bike wash
  • Remove bottom bracket, grease and replace
  • Wheels trued
  • Assess chain wear
  • Assess cassette & chain ring wear
  • Assess and grease pulley wheels on derailleur
  • Price does not include cost of parts

Gold Service

A full strip down of the frame – the full works for your bicycle. The deluxe not only incorporates everything from the Bronze and Silver services, but also includes new cables and all bearings are removed and greased.
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Recommended every 12-18 months.
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Includes all items from Bronze and Silver Service


  • Remove wheel axles, regrease & replace
  • Remove headset bearings, regrease & replace
  • Remove, replace & adjust brake cables
  • Remove, replace & adjust gear cables
  • Remove pedal axles & re-lube
  • Includes new inner brake cables
  • Includes new inner gear cables


General Workshop Charges

To give you an overview of pricing for workshop activities we have listed some approximate costs below. All prices serve as a guide and can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike. There is a minimum labour charge of $15. We will happily give you an approximate quote for any jobs not listed below. All parts are charged separately.

Workshop Charges – Labour only. Excludes any parts.
Tube/Tyre Fit $15 Bar Tape Install $25 Fit Brake Pads from $20
Brake Bleed (each) from $25 Fork Service from $85 Shock Service from $60
Wheel True from $30 Custom Wheel Build from $60 Group Set Install from $299
New Bike Build (boxed) from $100 Custom Bike Build (new/upgrade) from $300 Fit Cassette from $30
Fit Chain from $30  Fixed Gear Bike Service from $69 Fit Pedals from $30

Other Workshop Charges

Family bike rates available.

TT and Tri bike rates available.

Enquire for more info when you make your booking.

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