Friends & Partners

Friends and Partners

At Bike Fix Mobile, we’ve partnered with, and support the following businesses. Contact them today to see how they can help you.


Made in Italy, the Parentini label simply stands for cycling apparel at its best. Parentini has been designing expertly crafted cycling apparel for over 30 years. Their commitment to quality garments is seen in their attention to detail and the superior fit for the most discerning cyclist. Parentini is chosen the world over by top athletes and riders.


If you like adventure and want no worries, then you need No Worries Insurance. For hassle-free travel and bicycle insurance, contact No Worries insurance online today.


Road bikes are a massive part of the Melbourne culture and Bike Force Docklands has grown to become the largest road bike specialist store to be part of that scene. Boasting Melbourne’s largest range of road bikes, and accessories, you will not find a more dedicated store.


Access dozens of powerful cycle training programs and get coached so you can ride stronger and climb hills faster than ever before, prepare yourself for your next cycling event and become even more awesome on the bike. Cycle coaching and training programs that shave minutes off your rides week after week in an active and supportive cycling community.


At Discovery Cycling Tours, we’re all about having fun on our tours. We’re a bunch of cycling enthusiasts, who share a passion for cycling no matter what level you are or how many kilometers you have in your legs. We put camaraderie ahead of competition, and espresso ahead of elitism. In fact, we’re probably more impressed if you have cake with your coffee as that’s part of the fun of riding a bike.
So, if you’re looking to enjoy a break away from the norm, whether you’ve been on several tours or if this is your first; we guarantee a fantastic experience with some great memories to take home with you.